Moderator : Jim Bailey

Clerk : Mike Newnam

Treasurer: John Anderson



The OC trains, examines, and processes calls for candidates, licentiates, and ministers as explained in BCO chapters 18-20.

Chairman : Patrick Tebbano

Members: Class of 18: Doug Coyle, Gary McMillan, Adam Viramontes, Dan Rose, David Moon


The AC is responsible for Presbytery plans, Matters of record, and officially corresponding with the denomination/General Assembly.  

Chairman: Jim Bailey

Members: Class of 18: Mike Newnam, Randy Steele, John Anderson, Dave Ficket


The MC definines, implements, and oversees the Presbytery’s work to make Christ known both within and outside our bounds. 

Chairman: John Pickett

Members: Class of 18: Jeff White, John Lough, Shelby Moon, Manuel Paddilla-Morales, Justin Edgar, Chuck Issac


The SC serves the ministers and sessions of the RGP through coaching and counseling, as well as assiting churches and session through difficult times. 

Chairman: Rick Smith

Members: Class of 18: Tony McCargar, Chuck Isaac, Patrick Tabbano